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Steven Fenley is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Houston, TX.  

Steven comes from a long gospel music tradition, and incorporates elements of rock, folk, jazz, and R and B to create unique songs that express the importance of faith to the human soul, built upon deeply personal observations of living in what can sometimes be a hostile world to the believer.

Steven's songwriting is influenced by artists that bridge the jazz/rock divide, which include bands such as Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, and songwriters Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and Rickie Lee Jones. Combined with his background in gospel music, Steven's songs are sonically and lyrically complex... Check out the grooves on "Greenland" and "I'm Running" ... the thick rock inspired guitars on "The Shame" and the bridge of "Insignificant Man"... and the classical guitar at the center of "Fortress in My Mind".


Steven's latest releases are highly influenced by the early Motown recordings... check out "More" and "Heart Like Steel" for a sense of how this plays out in sound....


To Listen to Steven's entire catalogue of music, join him as a fan, read his blog, or just learn more, check out his Music page HERE...

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